Prompt: If you could conduct an ethnography with any person in the world, who would you choose and what would you want to learn?

Ethnography was a process of immersion in cultures other than ones own in its most earliest form. Nowadays it used to study and understand individuals and groups more deeply for various reasons.

What would make an interesting ethnography today? The answer to this would be a reflection of ones intent and its underlying world view. Since this question is not specifically addressing any context, other than my own personal interest, there is nothing more intriguing to me than the state of the current world we are living in. In this case one is confronted with more than one factor that needs to be studied to reveal the complex nature of humans that shape the contemporary post modern world-view.

These individuals and archetypes may be studied in their own respect and there need not be relative comparisons, as they are all extreme conditions of humanity, and representative caricatures that shape the current world view in their own respect.  However there might be interesting insights if they can compared.

1. The future forward, nihilistic, Wall Street Professional, knowledge seeking, consumerist
2. The urban conservative, middle class
3. Ethnic tribal leaders whose tribes still live in isolation, among them the tribal leaders or members who have come in contact with the modern

The ethnographic study could reveal more information about how their world view has come into being and how it reflects in their day to day life.

1. The future forward candidate will be a window to the psyche that is in the forefront of modern capitalistic society. How does he/she negotiate ecological impact while working for a multi national ? What factors and personal narrative led up to that situation etc

2. The urban conservative candidate will indicate the reasons as to why they chose a particular world - view in opposition to modern trends and pressure. What are the traditions they chose to hold onto and why ?

3. An ethnic tribe has always been of interest to the early ethnographers for various reasons. This specific example differ from the earlier as they could reveal how they perceived modernity and how it affected or not affect them .

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