Opportunities around you

This week's blog prompt is based on the TED talk you viewed last week (Paul Bennett's Design is in the details). Paul talks about "seeing opportunities in things that are around you and snapping and turning them into a solution."  Think about your day-to-day life. Is there something you use regularly that could be improved by changing one or two small details of its design? In your blog post, describe what's not working as well as it could and how you would improve it. Include a photo related to your post.

Paul Bennett's talk on TED could initially seem predated to those who have been following, teaching and practicing design. However, this talk recorded in 2005, close to a decade ago, presents timeless principles that define contemporary design practice. IDEO has influenced the current paradigm in many ways, from the earlier days of the legendary Shopping cart video. 

I believe that the points he elucidated becomes a strong reminder for those in practice and a powerful introduction to the uninitiated. Before discussing Paul's talk and its content in detail I would like to analyze and reflect on something I use everyday, which I believe can be improved.

During my classes here in the California College of the Arts in San Francisco,  I have noticed that I and many other foreign language students have a fragmented classroom experience.

The dictionary, Wikipedia and translator is open along with a note taking tool. I wonder how it divides ones attention that could affect general comprehension as well as the level of participation in discussions. Continuously managing multiple reference tools, while listening to the lecture as well as making notes seems like a strenuous effort. Perhaps a simple way to improve the situation would be by simply connecting a projector to one of the student computer and then take turns each week or within the class hours if its really long in duration. It would be interesting to see how smart boards have explored solutions and ideas around these issues.

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